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I’m Kai Cheng (aka Briar Rose) Thom, MSc, a somatically trained coach, consultant, and conflict resolution practitioner working at the intersection of mind, body, and collective soul. I’m also an internationally published, award-winning author and the developer of the Loving Justice methodology.

My Background

I come to this work grounded in my identity as an East Asian trans woman, as well as over a decade of experience in community mental health practice as a former clinical social worker. In my work as a coach and consultant, I have devoted myself to individual and collective change work that is rooted in revolutionary politics, embodied transformation, and courageous love for self and other.

A lifelong student of healing and (inter)personal growth, I have received training in a vast array of related disciplines, including two Master’s degrees in mental health from McGill University, conflict resolution and mediation certification through the University of Waterloo and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario, meditation teacher certification, Somatic Sex Education, Movement for Trauma, Thai Massage, somatic breathwork, and much more. Click here for my full educational background.

If you are seeking skilled, soulful assistance in releasing blocks to your personal or professional goals, aligning your external actions with your internal values, or helping your organization, collective, or workplace resolve conflicts and make transformative cultural shifts, ARISE EMBODIMENT is here for you.

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ARISE EMBODIMENT Coaching & Consulting

Based in Toronto. Services offered online via Zoom and in person when possible given travel and safety constraints.

Queries about ARISE EMBODIMENT Coaching & Consulting may be directed to:

For info regarding Kai Cheng’s work as an author, please visit:

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