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Cultural change lives in the collective body. The space between us is fertile ground for projects, play, interpersonal growth, and revolutionary shifts – if we know how to tend it. As a consultant and trainer of over a decade in the non-profit, creative arts, mental health, and social enterprise fields, working with groups is one of my most beloved offerings. I curate transformational experiences designed to take your team to the next level as individuals, teammates, and pathbreakers.

Over time, I have woven together skills grown from expressive arts, trauma-informed expertise, clinical mental health experience, and somatics to develop a facilitation style that is gentle, boundaried, accessible, and fiercely compassionate.  I believe that group and organizational wellness goes far beyond a “mindfulness seminar” and lectures about the importance of “self-care.” Organizational wellness is about fostering the capacity of individuals to come together as a group that is more than the sum of its parts – it’s about finding that magical rhythm where each member’s needs can be held in alignment with the needs of the whole. A training or facilitation with me is the place where professional development meets personal growth.

How can we re-infuse stagnant, corporate concepts of group wellness with revolutionary potential?


I provide trainings to groups and organizations on the topics of wellness, mental health, trauma-informed practices, equity & diversity, and conflict resolution. Some examples of trainings I offer regularly in group settings include:

Loving Fire: Embodied Conflict Resolution An experiential workshop on understanding conflict through the lens of trauma and the nervous system, as well as practical tools for conflict de-escalation. Half a day to multiple days based on your needs.

Holding Fire: Trauma Informed Leadership – An experiential training for managers, directors, executives, and other leaders on holding space, responsibility, and conflict with grace, strength, and skill. Half a day to multiple days based on your needs.

The Cure Grows Near the Poison: Trauma Informed Community DevelopmentA presentation on the various meanings of “trauma informed practice” and a resilience-based approach to creating and nurturing workplaces and communities

Redeeming JusticeA presentation on Transformative Justice, Restorative Justice, and the meaning of “justice” from a prison abolitionist lens

”Witnessed to Death”: Trans Mental Health – An equity & diversity-based training on trans experiences of mental health, madness, and the social determinants of health

Choosing Each Other, Choosing Ourselves – A half-day or day-long exploration of self and collective care in groups and workplaces through creative expression, meditation, team building exercises, and mindful reflection

I can also develop a custom training based specifically on your group’s needs.


When was the last time you attended a meeting that was actually inspiring, fun, or meaningful? It’s my mission to help workplaces, collectives, and community groups rediscover the values and affinities that brought them together in the first place. By cultivating a brave space of playfulness, dignity, respect, and deep care, we can co-create an organic conversation that goes much deeper than you might have ever believed to be possible. I am available for:

Visioning & Strategic Planning – Developing the mission, mandate, values, and strategic goals of your organization in a way that reflects soulfulness and authenticity

Retreats – Making team or group retreats truly restorative as well as educational and bonding

Group Coaching – Working with a small team or department to enhance communication and role clarity, solve problems, and develop leadership skills and socio-emotional intelligence through a somatic lens

Organizational Change – Supporting your organization in moving through big changes such as mergers, dissolutions, and policy shifts with mutual respect and attention to individual and collective wellness

Conflict Resolution – Bringing in specialized skills to assess, manage, and resolve conflict. Visit my Conflict Resolution Services page for more info

Custom designed group processes and events based on your specific needs.

For training & facilitation rates and booking details, please contact kaicheng@ariseembodiment.org

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