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In our darkest moments, we discover who we are


Time to reclaim your inner strength, your embodied and spiritual knowledge. Time to travel deep within to find the answers you’ve been looking for. To take your boundaries back, your freedom back, your purpose and meaning back. Time to take your body back – your pleasure and power. It’s your time. Yes, Dear One. It’s your time to rise.

Maybe you’re a queer or trans person of colour who has always struggled with feeling at home in your body as a result of growing up in an oppressive society. Maybe you’re an activist who’s spent years fighting for a better world, but are now struggling to hold onto faith in the cause – because all around you, your comrades have descended into furious and devastating interpersonal conflict. Maybe you’re a healer, someone who’s spent your life taking care of others but never quite figured out how self-care is supposed to work. Or maybe you’re a leader in your community, collective, or workplace, and the emotional and ethical pressures of the position are threatening to tear you apart.

Dear One, I have been (and in some ways still am) all of the above. I created ARISE EMBODIMENT because like you, I am looking for answers that can’t be found in academic theory or rigid clinical models of health and healing. I am looking for the kind of strength, inner power, and relationship skill that come from my ancestral lineage, from inside my bones. I am looking to do more than heal from my wounds, I am looking to become whole again. And I know that you are, too.

there is a difference between healing and wholing, and that is where our work begins

Somatic Coaching, sometimes also called embodiment coaching, is about connecting to the soma – the “living body in its wholeness” (that beautiful definition comes from my dear teacher and colleague, the trailblazing Somatic Sex Educator Caffyn Jesse). Our ancestors knew how to do this instinctively – through ritual, martial arts, dance, erotic play, and spiritual practice, skills now largely destroyed by the processes of imperialism and colonization. In coaching, I walk alongside you as a guide, facilitator, occasional teacher, and co-conspirator. I am not your doctor, guru, or friend in the casual sense. Within a loving container of ethical values, confidentiality, consent, and clear boundaries, I bring a wide array of skills and practices for you to choose from on your journey into the place where body, mind, and spirit meet.

Somatic coaching is not about “changing your thoughts” or pursuing change solely through conversation (although we can certainly talk about many things!). It is about engaging deeply with the body-mind in a trauma informed way in order to pursue personal discovery, growth, and healing. Although coaching can have therapeutic effects, please be aware that within the container of this work, I do not assess, diagnose, or treat mental health disorders; nor do I provide primary crisis care. Common goals for somatic coaching include:

Expanding capacity for self-care and emotional wellness
Developing confidence, decision-making and assertiveness
Making professional strides and career shifts
Solving problems and managing conflicts
Strengthening relationship skills
Releasing emotional barriers and painful stories
Reclaiming sensuality and erotic pleasure
Restoring connection to spirituality and greater meaning

Embodiment work with me can be a powerful complement to therapy treatment that has been completed or in some cases, therapy that is currently ongoing. However, as I practice it, somatic coaching falls outside the scope of psychotherapeutic practice because of the wide range of modalities I bring in. These include, but are not limited to:

Conflict & Leadership coaching
Psychoeducation on the neuroscience of trauma and conflict
Transformational Embodiment Coaching (note: training in progress)
Movement For Trauma (as developed by my colleague and teacher, Jane Clapp)
Somatic Movement and Restorative Yoga
Yoga Nidra
Meditation, trauma-informed mindfulness & guided visualization
Somatic breathwork for trauma and emotional release in the traditional pranayama style, as well as the Numa Somatics style
Functional breathwork in the Buteyko style (note: training in progress)
Somatic Sex Education & Intimacy Education
Wheel of Consent Work
Expressive arts facilitation
Energy work & ritual

My clients tend to be people in leadership positions, front line workers, creatives, and spiritual seekers looking for powerful techniques to transform their personal and professional lives. Individuals on a healing journey who have already completed some foundational stabilization with a health professional can also benefit from this work.

THE DETAILS: All 1:1 coaching sessions with me take place online via Zoom, phone, or other distance communication platforms. This may change if/when the current COVID-19 pandemic is alleviated.

RATES are based on $150 per 60-75 minute session plus occasional email support, or $800 for a 6-session package, or $1200 for a 12-session package. Sliding scale and limited pro bono available upon request. Please note that starting April 2021, GST/HST will be charged to all clients in Canada in addition to the rates indicated above based on the rate in the province where you are when coaching occurs.



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