SO YOU’RE READY TO CHOOSE LOVE – Free Conflict Resolution Workbook

This free digital (and printable) conflict resolution workbook is intended as a gift and humble offering to anyone looking for trauma-informed, anti-oppressive conflict resolution resources. While SO YOU’RE READY TO CHOOSE LOVE is self-published in the tradition of queer zines and open source knowledge sharing, it is in many ways a practical companion to my more anecdotal/theoretical essay collection, I HOPE WE CHOOSE LOVE, which is distributed for purchase through the wonderful Arsenal Pulp Press.

Please feel free to share SO YOU’RE READY TO CHOOSE LOVE as widely as you like – however, I ask that you please not sell the work and that you give credit for it. The exercises and diagrams this book are my own creations, influenced heavily by teachers, authors, and practitioners I admire in the fields of Transformative Justice, Restorative Justice, mediation, polyvagal theory, psychology, and somatics. They include but are not limited to: Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, adrienne maree brown, Mariame Kaba, Dan Siegel, Pat Ogden, Betty Pries, and more. There are further references and reading lists in the book itself. I’m also deeply grateful to the donors to the GoFundMe Campaign who made this work possible.

I hope this work is helpful to you. Thank you for choosing love.

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